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Suzanne - Naima - Patty - Eleanor

SMX is looking forward to...
...singing and coaching at Queens' College, in St. Louis, Oct. 3-5, with Master Faculty: Tomi, Peggy & Dale!
...appearing on the Coronet Club Show in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 7, 2008!
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If you are looking for a good example to mirror on how to get a quartet up and singing in no time flat (no, not "no tune flat", although that's something to strive for!), you might not want to look to these gals for help! Swinglish Mix (2003 Sweet Adelines International Queens of Harmony) is not your typical quartet role model. Nothing about their regular rehearsal schedule is regular; warm-ups have been known to last a few hours due to the catching-up chatter, new music selection tends to be a drawn out affair,  choreography is, well, forever "in progress", and the hours they take to decide on the where and when of their next rehearsal? Don't get me started! But I guess they have a valid excuse.  These four gals don't live in the same subdivision, same neighborhood, same city, nor do they even share the same continent!

You'll find lead Suzanne Harrington (Growing Girls, 1989) chilling out in Rönninge, Sweden with her hubby Doug (Second Edition, 1989) and boys Jack and Tom. Moving to this side of the Atlantic, you'll catch bass Naima Meyer (Growing Girls, 1989) on the Gulf, enjoying the warmer temperatures of sunny Florida with husband Jamie (Second Edition, 1989) and kiddos Adam and Selma.  Take a short jaunt north to the rolling hills of Kentucky horse country, and there'll be tenor Eleanor Hawkins sipping a mint julep with her hub Peter, while kids Spencer, Delaney, Carter and Baby Elliot bet on the ponies.  Hop in the plane for one last trip across the continent to find baritone Patty Hawley Pennycook meandering the back roads of the California wine country with husband David and their new baby girl, Carly Jean. If you charted their individual routes to and from rehearsals, it might remind you of the map scenes in Indiana Jones!

But once you look past the minor details of scheduling and planning, I know you'll agree that Swinglish Mix certainly possesses the major elements it takes to be a truly successful quartet.  They are four great friends who believe in the fun and irresistible allure of locking and ringing chords. These gals may be spread out across the world, but their musical blend and personal bonds keep them coming back for more!


For show bookings and information, please contact:

Patty Hawley Pennycook
1044 Terrace Lane
Napa, CA  94559

Phone: 707-251-1622
E-mail: swinglishmix@meyerfam.com

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